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We’re not perfect, but we are trying to make progress where and when we can. We’ll always be honest, as we think being green is an important mission for us, not just a corporate PR/BS statement…

  • Modular re-usable partitions when we fit out buildings, means we can move from building to building and reuse them again and again. (we think this will also save us money in the long-run)
  • “Eco-friendly” dishwasher tablets.
  • 100% Green renewable energy (Electricity). We’ve been moving our energy providers from Npower / EDF / British Gas to the providers such as Ecotricity and Bulb.
  • 100% of the toilet roll used at the Ministry is from recycled or from FSC responsibly managed sources. Not sure that’s our strongest selling point! we promise it is still soft.
  • 65%+ of the waste created by the startups we share space with is recycled.
  • Update June 2017: 10% of the gas we now use is Green gas, I didn’t even realise this was a thing until today! so even the central heating next winter won’t be as bad on the environment.
  • Limited printing: We don’t own an A4 printer, it stops us from printing needlessly (however we do own a large format printer so startups can print posters and banners for events)

We’d like to…

  • Test some solar panels / wind turbines.


  • Deal with the mountains of Amazon cardboard boxes and packaging that arrives on a daily basis (yes it gets recycled, but its still not efficient and costs us a fortune to recycle). Having lots of millennials in one space it’d be great to somehow synchronise / collectively box the orders coming to each building.


  • Look at installing more efficient lighting, to save energy, but also lighting that supports plant growth. We have lots of natural light spaces, but for those really bootstrapping our cheapest spaces are in lower ground floors (basements: for those who don’t chat with property agents), filling them with plants improves the space.


  • Look into individual localised smart meters to monitor consumption… “what gets measured gets done”


  • Learn more about things we can do… any ideas you have let us know.


…most of the time being actually green saves us money, we’d be idiots not to try.