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Firstly we’re here to help. We can make things happen quickly that might otherwise be a challenge.

We’ve worked with a number of local authorities including Islington, City of London, Tower Hamlets and many others.

“Government needs help from startups across a range of areas from cyber security and data compliance through cloud brokerage, robotic automation, machine learning to cloud-based resilience, legacy modernisation and customer experience integration.” Mark Dearnley, former CDIO at HMRC

We’ve rented buildings and promoted public sector initiatives, but most importantly we have been the catalyst to encourage entrepreneurs to bed down roots, creating jobs in all sectors from food to tech.

Small businesses and startups are the life-blood of society. They are primarily responsible for economic growth and prosperity. Their capacity for innovation and flexibility in a changing business environment makes them crucial for local & regional success in the global economy.

We are there to bring together the right bits of the jigsaw, we do much more than create a space, we water it and help it grow… So if you need help then we’ll be here waiting to help.

We occasionally respond to government and local policy changes. We may appear passionate when we do. We hope we don’t offend, we are straight talking as time is important, and we’re still only getting to know just how important it is. Our livelihood depends on the success of small businesses, so when things are impacting on small business, we might be vocal but we do it because we care.

Don’t be afraid of us, use us as a sounding board for policy or tax changes. We’re not a thinktank or quango, we don’t have a political agenda, we’re here to help small business, startups and the social fabric of an area.