We are going on a mini knowledge journey of trying to learn about SEO…

Whilst doing so I thought we should collectively help each other.

The Aim

Essentially the aim for most of us is to try and get on the first page of google search results.


When was the last time you used another search engine?

…and secondly I don’t know about you but I very rarely click onto the second page when searching for whatever I’m after, I’m more likely to edit my search term and search again and again.

The stuff we need to sort…

  1. Structure of website
  2. Quality content with reasonable keywords
  3. Quality Backlinks
  4. Understanding how a user searches (what they type… or what they ask)

Things I’d like to understand:

So if I do a search for “Coworking space in London” and then click the maps I get this (we’re not on the map or in the list…)