Back in the early days when we opened our first coworking space in London I couldn’t afford to buy chairs for our members, so we had a “bring your own chair” policy… we were lean. Then for a short time we moved on to cheap new chairs, that was a mistake… lesson learned!

We now provide chairs, either Humanscale freedom chairs or Orangebox x10s. They’re amazing chairs in our opinion, and to buy new they are expensive (£400-500 each), but you can tell why. I now can’t understand why there are so many coworking spaces in London that don’t provide decent chairs.

Humanscale: “The Freedom task chair revolutionises the way people sit. With its weight-sensitive recline and synchronously adjustable armrests, it set new standards for task chair performance and functionality. With a sculpted foam backrest to match the contours of the human body and thick cushions for long lasting comfort, it provides a custom ergonomic fit for every user.”… it even sounds expensive! But as they say “you get what you pay for”.

We’d still always advise that you bring your own chair and get whatever is best for you. If you’re sitting in something all day then we think the decision of what to sit in definitely should be decided by you, as everyone is unique.

If you’re in a coworking space in London, or anywhere, with poorly designed chairs that were chosen to fit in with the space’s “quirky” individualist design style then I’m not sure that its the best place for you to be.