At our coworking space in London we have a 60″ (152.4cm) printer.

It was pretty expensive, nearly as expensive as the bloody laser cutter! we got the next size up to the one shown below.

It is definitely worth it as the print quality and size is truly amazing.

It requires 8 ink cartridges that cost over £100 each and 4 print heads which are the same again. Plus it takes us time to setup the machine with the correct paper etc. So we do charge for usage but as you’ll see we’re pretty cheap coworking space in every sense.

You can walk round pick it up and even watch it being printed if you’ve got time to kill or need some social media content (boomerang the printing and upload to instagram… we’ll even give you a free coffee or coke if you add us to the post!).

Here is the updated print costs based on what we’ve learnt, as the cost difference between different types and weights of paper is huge:

We charge by the metre that comes out of the printer, e.g you can get a 1m x 1.37m poster on blue back paper for £10! winning!