The Ministry has an honesty fridge. Admittedly its not the healthiest fridge in the world, however it’s there for our members that need that extra sugar boost in the afternoon. We’ve made it cheaper for our members than if they went to Tesco. We want to help our members save money, its what we do. Like most of our members, we know just how hard starting something from scratch is… “we’re all in the same boat”.

We’ve decided that we should do something positive with the honesty pot contributions, so every time the honesty pot fills up we’ll be donating 50% of the pot to charity.

In total we aim to give £2,500 – 5,000 a year to charity via this initiative (hopefully more as our membership grows).

I’ve been watching the BBC documentary ‘saving lives at sea‘, and have been personally moved by the army of volunteers that make the RNLI tick. It’s a charity in its truest sense.

So the first charity to benefit from us & our members honesty is the RNLI. Moving forward we’ll be asking our members which charity should benefit from honesty pot contributions.

After a trip to the cash machine at Metro Bank here is the first amount: