Massive hats off to Matt Spendlove and the Energised Work / Labs team, loved hosting your event at the Ministry. See topics and video links below.

Building Monoliths from Lego
Evolving distributed systems. Modern internet software leverages distributed systems design to provide fault tolerance, scalability, code isolation and developer autonomy. How can we iterate towards these principles?

The Economic Geography of Darknet Markets
Darknet markets use cryptographic methods (Tor) to provide relative anonymity for their participants, yet their activities are sufficiently public to allow previously impossible observation of illicit trading behaviour at large scale. This includes bulk and casual trades that can often be linked to a geographic location, at country resolution. Martin gives a brief introduction to darknet markets in general, and shows a current overview of the largest markets. He then describes the OII’s darknet market scraping technology, and talk about their research, highlighting some of the key findings to date. Product inventories, regional specialisation, small-time buyers and bulk traders, … the research is still in the early stages, yet there is already quite a lot to see!

The Bureau for the Containment of Programmatic Lifeforms
Based in Ocean Beach, San Francisco, the BCPL is the world’s first Capitalist Absurdist quasi-fictional organization dedicated to blurring the walls of reality and fiction, through science-fictional world building, and appropriating the technologies for use in the real world. BCPL is at once, a publisher of comic narrative and a tech startup, utilizing music and magick in order to build a truly synthetic consciousness.

Your event at the Ministry was awesome, you have just helped me change my mind on my previous thoughts about hosting events… We don’t usually host events at the Ministry, mainly as we’re such a small team (4 people covering 7 buildings in 2 countries, and 1000+ members). So not only is it really hard to find the time to curate events, but we also realise we’ve got to give up our evenings to be about to help, pointing people to the toilets / finding extra extension leads etc. Occasionally people come to us and say please host our event for free, as it’ll be amazing exposure for your coworking space. Trust me when I say this doesn’t actually work for us, just like we’ve never rented a desk because of our pointless twitter account, nor have we let a desk from hosting events.

So how did Energized Works get us to say “yes”? well usually just needs to be a topic one of us are really interested in (tick) or we know the person asking and we want to help them out (tick).

Check out the videos from the evening on their Youtube channel.