Startup founders dinner

We’re holding another startup founders dinner, c100+ people having dinner together, here are the photos from the last one at Shoreditch House.

The intention of the dinners was initially just for startup founders, however this time as a trial we’re going to invite FTSE 100 & AIM 100 CEOs. Good or bad idea, only time will tell.
  • No presentations to sit through
  • No speeches
  • We move everyone around after each course of the meal, so you get to meet more founders & CEOs, and also so that no one accidentally gets stuck next to me for an entire dinner (wouldn’t wish that on anyone).
  • FTSE CEOs get to mingle with Startups (either to mentor them …or keep an eye on them to make sure your industry isn’t about to be “disrupted”)
  • There will be c100-120+ startup founders, and c20-40 FTSE CEOs depending on which venue
Sponsorship or ticketed?
The above venues are nice (and therefore pricey), we need to find c£12,000 to cover food (3 course meal + half a bottle of wine each) + venue hire, and some additional to cover more booze.
So we need someway of making it financially work, I’m probably over complicating it by trying to achieve a one third /  two thirds way split.
  1. The Ministry will cover £4,000 (this is huge for us, we started the entire company with less than £1,500… its amazing how far we’ve come in 3 years to think that this is even possible)
  2. The Ministry will try and secure a sponsor(s) to cover the remaining

The risk is essentially mine, if I don’t get a sponsor etc then I’m a little fuxd. Or alternatively we could charge attendees £35 or £75 depending on whether they are Ministry members or not.

Date: TBC

Where? where would you prefer?