We’re not perfect, but we are trying to make progress where and when we can, we’ll always be honest as we think being green is a mission, not just a PR statement…

  • Modular re-usable partitions when we fit out buildings, means we can move from building to building and reuse them again and again. (we think this will also save us money in the long-run)
  • “Eco-friendly” dishwasher tablets. (they’re about the same cost and to be honest we normally buy in bulk when they’re on special offer)
  • 100% Green energy (except gas central heating). FYI moving from Npower / EDF / British Gas to the providers we use (ecotricity and bulb) has saved us nearly 50% on our energy costs.
  • 100% of the toilet roll used at the Ministry is from recycled or from FSC responsibly managed sources. Not sure that’s our strongest selling point! we promise it is as soft, and again it has probably saved us money.
  • 65%+ of the waste created by us and the startups we share space with is recycled.

We’d like to…

  • Purchase some solar panels
  • Look into individual localised smart meters to measure usage in different rooms
  • Learn more about things we can do… any ideas you have let us know.