We are not a charity… we don’t want free money, cheques or postal orders (do those things still exist anyway?).

We are however, happy to work on projects…

We are a good bunch of people who want to help people be all that they can be. So if you want to make something happen and don’t have the time or knowledge to do it then “who are you going to call?”.  I suppose with that much money you might have a direct line to McKinsey or the Boston Consulting Group, however we think we might just be better doers… we know how to do, and less about writing reports.

Phone us. We’re here to help and if its a good cause we might just roll our sleeves up and do it for free. We’re practical & technical, with a dash of common sense, although my mom occasionally disagrees with that last bit.

Invest in startups… and save 50%+ on your tax bill

Investing in startups is great for the economy and also can save you 50%+ off your tax bill. Watch our explainer video in the SEIS post.

Lend us a wedge…

Also on the off chance, we’d like a permanent building for the Ministry of Startups, as at the moment we’re fairly nomadic moving from development site to development site in order to keep our costs as low as possible… did I already say that we’re a fairly lean & bootstrapping bunch?

We don’t want to be gifted a building (…as I said we’re not a charity), we are however happy to pay a reasonable price / amount of interest etc. So if you’ve got a spare building or can lend us a wedge then we’re open to having a coffee and seeing if we can work together.