We’re constantly on the look out for new talent.

We have massive ideas and are always looking for new team members to help us realise them. From designing and building stuff for fun i.e. climbing walls and axe throwing ranges to solving problems with tech, this job will be all about juggling- can you handle it?

We always make sure to hire people that are better than us- the business is growing fast and we want to keep it that way. On paper, we do work space. This takes up roughly half of our time. With the other half, we do the cool shit. In having massive resources, (some) time and lots of ambition to roll out new projects even if they’re totally unrelated, we can make real waves and have some fun along the way.

Job title: Make your own up, you’ll be doing a bit of everything alongside us (a bit of marketing, making kit, fixing kit, designing and fitting out new buildings, video production, every day is different…)

1. Good sense of humour
2. Enjoys self-learning/bettering themselves
3. Likes to build / make / fix (electrical kit to set design and sadly occasionally some shitty ikea furniture)
4. Once worked in a commercial kitchen / or at a restaurant / or coffee shop (or something similar, as we’re looking for someone who can graft)
5. Progressive thinker, can do / think without guidance
5a. Can use google/youtube to figure out an answer / get shit done
6. Not afraid of a plunger or power tools (they’re safe if you use them correctly, we can teach you what does what)
7. Likes growing plants
8. Doesn’t mind dogs
9. Comfortable in chaos
10. Or can organise chaos⁠⁠⁠⁠
11. Would be great if you’re tech literate, but not essential

Starting salary £18k… £26k after 3 month probation.

A degree is useful but not essential. So you’re welcome to mention your degree, however we have met a lot of idiots with certificates, even we have them.

Get in Touch


020 3488 0724

Please note that we may be slow getting back to you at times. This generally means we’re not in a position to take someone on unless we think they’d add absolute value to what we do so please still drop us a message if you think you’ve got what it takes.