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Hello Ministry members,

This is the start of the next phase of the Ministry.

This isn’t Y-combinator or 500 Startups, sometimes I wish we were, but we’re not on that level… however I do think “The Ministry” can play a part in helping you grow faster. I used inverted commas because I believe that collectively you are The Ministry, and that if you work collectively you can all scale-up faster.

It’s going to be a learning curve for all of us, as me and the team definitely don’t have all the answers to helping make your business tick. What we however do have are buildings full of some of the brightest minds in London, and the desire to get shit done.

So together we are going to pick topics that most of you need to nail in order to drive growth. Then we’re going to get the right people from each team, and also externals where we think they’ll add value to the group, get us all in a room and hopefully enable something magic (or at least useful).

Let me make one thing clear, I fully believe in this, and in your’s and the rest of the community’s desire to succeed.

We’re all in the same boat, let’s row together, and let’s get there quicker.

Happy days,