Founders are mad, they have to be, its a crazy journey starting your own thing. So I want to try and get all the founders together on a regular basis. Why? Because being a founder can feel like you’re out on your own (even if you have other co-founders), but when you’re here at the Ministry you’re definitely not alone. You’re surrounded by other nutters doing their own thing and getting everyone in a room to share their pains and wins is such an important part of the community.

A quarterly get together for founders and CEOs to meet like-minded people whilst having a bit of fun too.

We’d like to host an even bigger founders dinner (we’ll be allowing founders outside of the Ministry), we are just sorting out the details in terms of venue, date etc. If you’d like to be invited to future dinners then please add your details here, we’ll review all requests and hopefully we might be able to invite you along.

Now, the event is established (well we’ve done two that were loved, so we’re planning the third), we’re going to invite CEOs/Chairs of more established companies to join the startup founders at dinner- we know it’ll work well for both sets of people, so let the magic commence.

Loving the space we used at Shoreditch House for the last founders dinner (27/3/17)…

Be warned, we move people around after each course, and we’re not very good at it… but it helps get people involved and feeling at home at the Ministry (so its worth it!).