Ministry Podcast: Founders Ramble – beta v1.0

//Ministry Podcast: Founders Ramble – beta v1.0

So we’ve joined the podcasting bandwagon, working title “Founders ramble”… the meandering path and adventure of the life of entrepreneurs.

So firstly, a massive hats off to Ben ( and Andrew ( for being the first, amazing, successful and entertaining.

1. We did it as a bit of a learning experience to establish whats good, whats not and how we can be more useful to our community.

2. Most startup podcasts are based in the US, although they’re interesting I think a more European focus will make it feel for relevant.

3. We’ll do podcasts with a wide variety of startups across Europe, however with an immediate local focus on Startups based at our coworking space in London.

Things we learnt
1. Vinney White is a great host (We’ve been searching for a founder like Vinney to conduct these for ages, as non-founders wouldn’t fully understand the “journey” and what to ask and why).

2. We need a usb mixing deck so we can use more mics at the same time, or we need to switch to XLR mics and a mixer (I’ll share what we figure out as the best setup).

3. They take longer than I thought (Thanks to Ben for sticking with us, as he was very late for his PT session as we over ran by quite a bit)

4. We are thinking about doing them live 360, so that people can watch/listen in and it gives an opportunity for a bit of Q&A