We’re a hub for startups run by a startup. We’re real, we’re honest, we’re open and we know what startups actually need- a fixed desk, a lightening internet connection and an open community.

We are here to help, whether you need co-working, private office space, or a commercial kitchen… We’re not glamorous so if you like burning cash head to WeWork. Real co-working London, Real Startups.

We’ve never wanted to focus our targeting on a particular sector. To begin with, it was to get bums on seats so we wouldn’t go bust. Now, it’s a real decision. We’ve seen amazing collaboration and sharing of networks happen between the most unlikely of tenants. From fashion-tech to food-tech, we bring all startups together in the knowledge that we can all learn from each other.



Bootstrapped 100%

We haven’t taken on investment, none at all. We’ve bootstrapped since day one and we think that makes us solid. We understand value and what is genuinely achievable. So we’re not like WeWork or Second Home and don’t expect us to be like them (what they do, they do well, its just not us). We don’t have buckets of cash to splash and we’re not shiny, new or sexy. Actually, we’re quite proud of it. We base what we do on super lean growth- our focus and our heart has always been to remain as affordable as possible in order to help startups. We promise you’ll never see a ‘Thank God it’s Monday’ mural either…

A strong focus of ours is to be as transparent as possible. We hate how some of our competitors do things, like charging for meeting rooms and tying startups into 3 or 6 month contracts- startups don’t know where they’ll be in 6 weeks!

We do monthly rolling contracts and you’ll never get stung at the end of the month. We’re here to help.

… We don’t have beer on tap, but we are next to quite a few great pubs!